from the bottom of the ocean to the exotic mangroves, more than 300 different species

¡The sharks but swim sink!

If a shark swim and constantly moving in the opposite direction it sinks! of course it sounds so weird as unlikely, but so is. Sharks are the talk floating negative.

Pez Payaso

¡The great friend of Nemo!

The clownfish better known as Nemo, clown fish has a great friendship with the Anemone, she gives you a home and provides protection against other species. In return, the clownfish is in charge of clean up the toxic waste in its tentacles and also protects it.

Caballito de Mar

¡Seahorses change colour!

Seahorses have their skin cells called chromatophores which allow them to change the color and tone of your skin when they feel threatened or during courtship.


¡Are the winners hold their breath!

Crocodiles breathe through lungs and are animals that more time can take a breath under water reaching up to six hours.


¡Penguins are birds but do not fly!

The penguins cant fly and that throughout its evolution their wings were becoming the fins, adapting to marine life.